The My Fit Habits DPP helps you develop healthy lifestyle habits that you can stick with for the long term, while losing weight and lowering your risk of prediabetes and several other chronic conditions.

Our program is based on The Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP). It is an evidence-based one year lifestyle change program to help those at risk for type 2 diabetes lose 5-7% (or more) of their body weight through sustainable diet and lifestyle changes in an effort to prevent type 2 diabetes.

Could you be at risk for type 2 diabetes?

Learn if You Qualify

Participants must meet the following criteria:


Must be 18 years of age or older


Current BMI of 25 or greater (22 or greater, if Asian)

And must meet one of the following:

Recent blood test

One of the following:

Hemoglobin A1C 5.7–6.4%

Fasting Plasma Glucose 100–125 mg/dL

2-hour plasma glucose (75 gm OGTT) 140–199 mg/dL


Hx of GDM

History of gestational diabetes

(diabetes during a past pregnancy)

If you fall into these categories, you may qualify for the My Fit Habits Diabetes Prevention Program.


Take charge of your health, and lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Contact us today to learn about your program options. 

Could you be at risk for diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is one of the most common, and fastest growing conditions in the US. 29.1 million adults suffer from diabetes: 21 million are diagnosed and 8.1 million are undiagnosed. Furthermore, another 86 million Americans have prediabetes, but 90% of them don’t know they have it. Without weight loss and moderate physical activity, 15% to 30% of people with prediabetes will develop type 2 diabetes within 5 years, and adults with diabetes are at risk for other complications such as hypertension, vision and nerve problems, kidney failure, and 50% higher risk of premature death than adults without diabetes.

Take the prediabetes risk test. Get your score and learn if you could benefit from the My Fit Habits DPP.

What is the DPP?

The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) is based on the research of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease and Control (CDC). The program is a one-year Lifestyle Change Program to help participants prevent or delay developing type 2 diabetes.

Whole Family Solutions is a CDC-approved provider of the DPP, and our My Fit Habits DPP follows the CDC curriculum. Our program is broken into 3 phases. Each phase has a distinct purpose to help participants adopt healthier habits and maintain them! Let's face it, change doesn't happen overnight. We will be with you through all phases as you establish a new lifestyle to lower your risk and improve your habits.

Learn about the My Fit Habits Diabetes Prevention Program.

Small changes, big results.

By building small habits each week, you will work your way into a new, healthier lifestyle that lasts. And by meeting with others who are on the same path, you can celebrate each other’s successes and work together to overcome obstacles. The lifestyle changes you make in the My Fit Habits DPP will help you prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. As part of a group, participants will work with a trained lifestyle coach and other participants to learn the skills needed to make lasting changes.

Healthy new habits, made simple.

Healthier Eating

Develop a balanced way of eating that supports your healthy lifestyle and help s you to lose and maintain a healthy weight.

A More Active Lifestyle

Get healthier  by developing an active livestlye that helps you lower your risk of type 2 diabetes.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Lower your BMI and reach a healthier weight with sustainable lifestyle habits that help you get there.

Tools for Lasting Change

Weekly Lessons

Our lessons are designed to educate and inform you, while keeping you focused and progressing on your goals.

Dedicated Lifestyle Coach

Your professional coach will be by your side every step of the way.

Peer Support

Your cohort will be there for motivation and encouragement as you travel along the journey together.

Could You Have Prediabetes?

Not sure if the program is for you? Take the Prediabetes Risk Test to learn if you may be at risk for diabetes and if the My Fit Habits DPP may be for you.