Diabetes Prevention Program

The My Fit Habits Diabetes Prevention Program is based on The Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP). It is an evidence-based one year lifestyle change program to help those at risk for type 2 diabetes lose 5-7% (or more) of their body weight through sustainable diet and lifestyle changes in an effort to prevent type 2 diabetes.

Learn how we can partner to meet the needs of your clients or patients.

DPP Participant Criteria

Referred participants must meet the following criteria:


Must be 18 years of age or older


Current BMI of 25 or greater (22 or greater, if Asian)

And must meet one of the following:

Recent blood test

One of the following:

Hemoglobin A1C 5.7–6.4%

Fasting Plasma Glucose 100–125 mg/dL

2-hour plasma glucose (75 gm OGTT) 140–199 mg/dL


Hx of GDM

History of gestational diabetes

(this may be self-reported & charted)

Your existing clients or patients may meet the criteria for the program. We can help you get them enrolled into the DPP Lifestyle Change Program to lower their risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Our Simple Referral Process


Our referral process is simple. Fill out the referral form and send it to us via e-fax. This will kick-start our outreach process to engage your client or patient.


We will outreach your patient to explain the program, explore insurance and payment options, and gain their commitment. We will get them enrolled into an upcoming cohort.


Continuum of care is essential. We will send you regular progress updates throughout the program.

You refer your patients. We'll handle the rest.

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